Every dollar we spend is a vote for the business we give it to. 

We need to ask ourselves "what am I voting for by choosing to work with this business?"

About Us

WordPressforGood is a WordPress technical support company committed to constant improvement of our ecological, financial and social responsibilities.

We work for and with our clients to provide straight-forward, no-nonsense technical support so that they can focus on the good they do through their business. We try to remember that behind each business, we’re all ordinary people working with other ordinary people to make a difference both for each other and globally.

We have an expanding network of clients around the globe, focusing on conscious businesses and B-Corp certified companies.  We also love to help good entrepreneurs struggling with their technology.

WordPressforGood is currently going through the B-Corp assessment process.

This is our about page and that gives us the right to talk about ourselves. But I won't be using it to tell you how great we are; instead, here's a simple list explaining how we think about what we do.


WordPressforGood will succeed both locally and globally as a leading expert of technical support to globally conscious businesses. We will do this in the most sustainable way we can. We aim to change the view of technical support for ethical online businesses from a non-essential luxury to an affordable, must-have necessity.

The work we do every day comes in answer to the question "How can we remove another piece of the technical frustration from businesses who are trying to make the world a better place?"


We envision a world where everyone can build an ethical business they believe in without becoming mired in the technology used to run that business. 

Through continued experience and development, we will stay at the forefront of technology while adhering to the latest proven environmental practices, innovations and solutions to wisely protect and conserve the water we drink, the air we breathe and the earth in which we live.

Our Simple Core Values

We vote every day for issues we care about. Through the foods we buy, the people and businesses we choose to occupy our precious and ever-decreasing time with. Through the activities we think are important enough to spend our time on. To the businesses we're trying to build.

It has to matter.

Your time is precious and it gets less every day; what you occupy that time with should matter.

That's why we help people who are making good use of their time.

That's why we put our heart and soul into helping every client doing good in the world.

The following values come from the statement above. We aren't perfect but having somewhere to aim makes us better:


Our commitment towards sustainability is addressed both by the solutions we deliver to our clients and in our company processes.  We are committed to improving social, economic and environmental value for all generations.  Operating our business sustainably has been a core value at WordPressforGood from its inception and this commitment is embedded in our Corporate Sustainability Policy.  We are continuously focusing on sustainable initiatives to benefit all of our stakeholders.

For example, WordPressforGood is unofficially net zero, using hosting powered by 100% sustainable energy and carbon offsetting the rest of our footprint until we find a more concrete way of controlling everything we do.


We dedicate ourselves to treating others with the respect we wish to be treated with.  We will lead not just with our words, but with our actions.  We will value the differences between ourselves and those we come into contact with and will constantly strengthen our relationships with our employees, customers and stakeholders. 


We try to help anyone any way we can. We donate a portion of our earnings and offer free hosting, tech support and development services to several NGOs. We're currently reviewing GiveWell's November 2021 top charities to determine how our donations should be distributed this year. 


We continuously strive to be the environmentally conscious tech support partner of choice – a trusted partner for sustainable solutions.  We are committed to providing innovative, value-added and reliable solutions for our customers to address the technical challenges of running a business for good.


We dedicate ourselves to acting with integrity at all times.  We are honest, ethical, accountable, reliable and trustworthy to others and to ourselves.  We will always do what is right, even when doing right is not easy.  We are committed to the highest standards of business principles and professionalism.  We will deal fairly and honestly with all our stakeholders.  We will win business based on merit, not through competitive pricing, bribery or corruption at any level.


We dedicate ourselves to pursuing the exceptional and the extraordinary.  We are passionate, relentless and always strive for excellence and the highest standard in everything we do to provide unparalleled, superior services to our clients and our community.  We are committed to going as far as we can to meet our customer's needs.


The world can be a better place. We commit every day to make that statement a reality. 


We strive to be fully open and honest in our interactions with each other, our clients, and our community.

Another thought that drives what we do every day: if every dollar our company spends is a vote for the companies we give it to, then what are we voting for through the companies we choose to serve?


WordPressforGood didn't just spring up overnight. Rather, it evolved over the years from myself (Seán) being a lone Drupal freelance developer into the WordPress full-service technical support form it is today. Today, our clients benefit from our continued growth and expansion of services in almost all technical areas relevant to an online business.

We're proud to continue serving the people most dedicated to improving our world.

  • 2008
    I spent a few years as "Strands Computing" and as a website freelancer, IT troubleshooter, PC repairer and taking on far too many free jobs
  • 2010
    Became "Strands" as focus switched to online development only
  • 2015
    "WPStrands" was founded, offering WordPress maintenance services to any online business
  • 2017
    WPStrands struggles to differentiate its offerings and to market effectively, not knowing that it wasn't working because some of the work was going against my core values
  • 2018
    Began work on niching
  • 2019
    Niche narrowed to entrepreneurs doing good in the world. The name WordPressforGood was finalised when the domain name suddenly and magically became free after 6 months of trying to track down the existing owner
  • 2020
    WordPressforGood focuses on B-Corporations

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