We’re WordPressforGood


We give technical support to online businesses doing good in the world.

The system isn’t working well.
We help the online businesses who work to change it, fix it or create new ways of working.
We believe that empathy, business and technology can transform our systems when used as a force for good.

You know that every dollar you spend is a vote for the business you give it to.

Likewise, every dollar we earn is a vote for the business we choose to serve as our client.

We want to vote for important things that make the world smile. That’s why we help people who are making good use of their time and doing good in the world.

Having values doesn’t make us perfect but having somewhere to aim does make us better.

Our commitment towards sustainability is addressed both by the solutions we deliver to our clients and in our company processes.  We are committed to improving social, economic and environmental value for all generations.  Operating our business sustainably has been a core value at WordPressforGood from its inception and this commitment is embedded in our Corporate Sustainability Policy.  We are continuously focusing on sustainable initiatives to benefit all of our stakeholders.

For example, WordPressforGood is unofficially net zero, using hosting powered by 100% sustainable energy and carbon offsetting the rest of our footprint until we find a more concrete way of controlling everything we do.

We dedicate ourselves to treating others with the respect we wish to be treated with.  We will lead not just with our words, but with our actions.  We will value the differences between ourselves and those we come into contact with and will constantly strengthen our relationships with our employees, customers and stakeholders. 

We try to help anyone any way we can. We donate a portion of our earnings and offer free hosting, tech support and development services to several NGOs. We’re currently reviewing GiveWell’s top charities to determine how our donations should be distributed next year. 

We dedicate ourselves to acting with integrity at all times.  We are honest, ethical, accountable, reliable and trustworthy to others and to ourselves.  We will always do what is right, even when doing right is not easy.  We are committed to the highest standards of business principles and professionalism.  We will deal fairly and honestly with all our stakeholders.  We will win business based on merit, not through competitive pricing, fear-based marketing, bribery or corruption at any level.

We dedicate ourselves to pursuing the exceptional and the extraordinary.  We are passionate, relentless and always strive for excellence and the highest standard in everything we do to provide unparalleled, superior services to our clients.  We are committed to going beyond expectations to meet our customer’s needs.

The world can be a better place. We commit every day to make that statement a reality. 

We strive to be fully open and honest in our interactions with each other, our clients and our community.

We’re quite fussy about the people we work with.

Every dollar I spend is a vote for the business I give it to.
So I need to ask myself:
“By choosing to work with this business what, exactly, am I voting for?”

The Work We Do

The straight-forward, no-nonsense technical support we provide every day comes in answer to the question “How can we remove another piece of the technical frustration from businesses who are trying to make the world a better place?”

We try to remember that behind each business, we’re all ordinary people working with other ordinary people to make a difference both for each other and globally.

We work for and with our clients who are commited to the same.

One Vision

We envision a world where everyone can build an ethical business they believe in without becoming mired in the technology used to run that business.

Through continued experience and development, we will stay at the forefront of technology while adhering to the latest proven environmental practices, innovations and solutions to wisely protect and conserve the water we drink, the air we breathe and the earth from which we grew and on which we depend and live.

You, Our Client & Partner

The biggest motivation for us as individuals is seeing our clients suddenly experience the freedom to focus on doing good with their business.

That’s what keeps us going. That’s what gets us excited.

We know it’s not all about us, but there are a few important reasons why the clients who love us experience such great relief and have such trust in us.

A Simple Goal

Our goal is for you and your company or organisation to use technology well so your company can do enough good to make the world a better place.

I used to have a business card that said “Open Systems Consultant”.

I flew to another country on Monday morning, I stayed in nice hotels during the week and ate out at nice restaurants. I flew home on Friday evening, partied with my friends and met the family for Sunday dinner. The following week I did it all over again.

I gradually realised the company I worked for was in business purely because they wanted to make money. They didn’t really care about me or about our customers. They didn’t care what business our customer was in. They didn’t care about unecessary expense or uneccessary environmental damage. They didn’t care about doing business for the good of everyone concerned.

So, I left that life behind.

I moved to a new country in a new job where I didn’t have to travel. That company was worse. They epitomised the greed, back-stabbing and get-on-in-the-world-at-any-cost view that I’d come to despise. After two years I left to travel. When I got back I couldn’t face working in an environment like that again. For years I did freelance work, barely making a living.

Then I became a father.

I went back to the corporate world hoping that by now the world had become nicer and that I was more tolerant and patient; that things would be different.

It was worse.

The back-stabbing, keep-information-to-yourself-to-keep-your-power attitude was worse, the waste of time, money and resources and the uncaring attitude to small businesses was unbelievable to me.

I hadn’t become wiser; I’d become much less tolerant of this behaviour.

So, I left again. After much soul searching, worrying about how I’d make money to support my family and how I could find a place for myself in this cut-throat business world, I discovered a place!

There are people doing things differently.

It’s still business, still capitalism.

But in a different way.

These businesses exist first to do something good, to fix something broken, to make something better for the world.

They go by many names.

Whether it’s called “conscious capitalism”, “business for good”, “ethical business”, “purpose-driven business” or “B Corp”, it’s what I believe is the best way to start fixing things right now.

Maybe some day it will be different but I’ve always believed you have to start “where you are now with what you’ve got”.

The structures and systems in place in this world are what we have now and we can use them to make things better from within.

I know computers and IT very well. I’ve worked at many levels of corporate IT.

From QA tester with Microsoft to Operations manager of the largest Cloud Computing platform in Switzerland.

I’ve been playing with code for over 40 years yet I’m rigorous about leading a low-tech lifestyle.

It’s easy to understand why this approach to life matches the needs of our WordPressforGood clients so well.

It seems I’ve found my square hole. I still work in technical support. But now I work with the people trying to fix things. And I’m proud to continue serving the courageous people most dedicated to improving our world.

The world needs more of this

I feel so great about the decision to work with you, Seán! Your intention to serve people beyond the important work you do to make their websites safe and efficient – really connecting human to human – is clear and impactful. The world needs more of this.

I especially appreciate the document you’ve made for me, collecting all the next steps to work from. Yet again, another generous and thoughtful effort on your part, going much farther than the “extra mile” to help me get my website (and business) up to speed.

Thanks to you, I’m finally getting leads – and clients – through my website. And I am completely at ease, because I know you are regularly making sure all is running smoothly.

You deliver all that you promise and provide truly amazing customer service – an incredible bang for the buck. Everyone with a WordPress business website would be wise to put it under your expert care.

Pam Kowalski – Leadership Coach and Trainer, pamkowalski.com

We couldn’t have hoped for a better partner

Seán is a constant support and fixer on our site and a relentless optimiser of our web needs.

He’s in it for the long-haul, clear in communication and patient with our questions and requests – I really feel we couldn’t have hoped for a better partner.

He led the recent rebuild of our website too which has gone really well – we’re really proud of how well it serves our customers and how easy it is for us to use.

I enjoy working with him and feel lucky to have him on the team!

Martin Amor