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GoDaddy Has Been Hacked – Here’s What To Do

godaddy hacked november 2021

On November 22nd GoDaddy disclosed that an unknown attacker had gained unauthorized access to the system used to provision the company’s Managed WordPress sites, impacting up to 1.2 million of their WordPress customers. You can read more details in Wordfence’s post or at the What can you do? If you have domain names registered […]

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WordPress Salts and Security Keys explained

WordPress salts and security keys explained​ Photo by Jeff Nesanelis on FlickrI couldn’t find an article that clearly explains what WordPress salts are, how they work and how to change them. So I wrote this one.I cringe every time I see this sentence:A WordPress salt is a random string of data that hashes the WordPress security keys in […]

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How to deal with WordPress Comment Spam

​How to deal with WordPress Comment Spam What is WordPress comment spam, how do they do it and how can you stop it?I remember when I got my very first comment on a blog. It was flattering; I was beyond chuffed. I was over the moon to think that someone found my site so fantastic that they […]

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