Can you be more specific about “unlimited website tweaks & troubleshooting”

Editing includes any changes to existing content (posts/pages), changing plugin configurations, widget and CSS changes.

Things that aren’t included are custom development of plugins or themes, updating custom code, graphic design, or building a new website or subdomain.

Some examples …


Adding a new Woocommerce product (you provide the content/images)

Change a logo or image on a page

Install and configure a plugin

Functionality troubleshooting

Replace some text or adjust layout of a specific page

Not included

Custom checkout for WooCommerce

Designing/Creating a logo

Adding custom functionality not available in a plugin

Any costs associated with fixing the problem source e.g. buying new software, plugins, themes

Write new content for that page or design a new page layout

So for most customers, the vast majority of changes they want to make to their sites are covered.

What happens when I cancel my subscription

We’ll get upset but only with ourselves for not being able to convince you that your business is better of under the care and protection of our tech support.

We’ll then stop the following services:

  • Daily backups
  • Daily security and performance scans
  • Remove any premium plugins that come with our service, currently WP 301 redirects and WP Rocket
  • Send you a copy of our latest backup of files and your database

Finally, we’ll remove our access to all your accounts, though it’s usually safer to do this after some time as passed in case you realise you need us again in a hurry.

Will you help with my SEO

We can but we’re no experts and never claim to be.

That said, there are very, very few real SEO experts out there. Most self-proclaimed SEO experts fall into the guessers, chancers or dishonest categories.

An honest person will tell you that it’s a trial and error approach and nothing is guaranteed.

Will you configure membership or Woocommerce or a Forum for me

Yes but these are considered development tasks and are not covered in your subscription.

Pricing will depend on the project but will typically cost $450 for a basic i.e. uncustomised setup.

Will you set up an ecommerce shop for me

We can but it’s not included in your subscription.

We need very clear requirements and planning documentation and each project will be charged individually.

Will you manage my web design/ web dev project

No, sorry

If my site goes down, how long to get it back up

Often a few minutes.

Dont’ be fooled. It depends on why the site went dow in the first place.

What happens if I get hacked?

How much will xx cost

    How much will xx cost

What will you do every week

How do we start

What’s not included in a subscription?

The following will usually be charged for on a case by case basis

  • Development work i.e. custom coding, programming
  • Design work
  • Fixing problems caused by you or another person with access to your site
  • Malware cleanup
  • SEO work
  • Marketing, any kind of advertising

What’s included?

Please see the pricing page for a list of what’s included.

We’ll do our best to solve your problem. Most problems are fixed quickly and are included in your subscription. But please understand that, due to the nature and complexity of some technical problems, we will need to invest more significant time into solving your problem and will need to charge for that.

We’ll always let you know beforehand if a task will involve extra time and costs.

In general, if your problem costs us time and/or money we’ll have to pass those costs on to you. Unless, of course, it’s our fault.

Of course our good advice is always included and you’re free to take it or leave it.