What are your sub-processors, as defined by the GDPR?

Under the GDPR, a sub-processor is any business or contractor through which customer data may pass as a side effect of using the services of WordPressforGood.

We use partners for both technical and business processes that are critical to our customers having a quality experience.

Here is our list of sub-processors:

Amazon AWSUSA/EUCloud Infrastructure for our backups
StripeUSACustomer payments/invoicing/subscriptions
ManageWPEUSite management
WaveAppsUSACustomer invoicing
TrelloUSAProject tracking
LastPassEU/US/SwissCredential storage
Google, IncUSASite analytics (web) and document sharing
BackBlazeCloud Backups
SitegroundUSA/EUWebsite hosting statistics
Acuity schedulingUSAAppointment booking

The GDPR definition of sub-processor is very broad and includes some things you might simply consider “hardware”, such as cloud infrastructure. We’ve included all of the external companies we use for that reason.